Jeannine Hunter Lazzaro is an artist living in North Attleborough, Massachusetts. She is originally from a New Jersey suburb of Manhattan.   Various life experiences brought her into teaching. The everyday challenges she confronted in her work as a teacher were an added focus in her life. In addition to the many social and emotional aspects of working with teenagers on a daily basis, she enjoyed the freshness and vitality that came from working with students who had not come to take for granted the visual language that artists work with. Among her many goals  is to help people recognize the power of art to heal and to educate and to empower individuals and communities.

She has recently rearranged her life to focus on her art. Leaving teaching for now, grateful for the many lessons and experiences that were part of that.  

Jeannine’s passion for art has been a consistent presence in her life. Her commitment to abstraction in her early work was fueled by an urge to become lost in the experience of painting. The spiritual aspect of losing and forgetting yourself to the act of painting along with the dichotomy that exists between this selflessness and the focus on self necessary for self expression are a huge part of her work. When she was drawn to more figurative work she was not expecting to find this aspect there as well. The culmination of her work during an MFA degree was the discovery that Painting is Painting, the title of her thesis completed for this program.The plurality that exists today in the world of painting makes it possible to move from narrative painting, to abstract images and never leave the realm of exploring the act of mark making and the language of painting.



Ramapo College of New Jersey, B.A.

Bridgewater State College, M.A.T.

Art Institute of Boston, M.F.A.