Artist Statement




                    The artists who I worked with during my formative years as a painter were deeply committed to the tenants of modernism. Their conviction was so strong that I could not help but be influenced by them. In my youthful innocence I blindly believed my teachers and mentors and I accepted their truth as mine. In many ways I became stuck in the gap that developed between Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. I will always take that with me because it is part of who I am, my explorations in paint now combine a little of both worlds.




           In some of my work, I focus on and gravitate to incidental and common place visual phenomenon. I am fascinated by trivial everyday items (the quotidian) that convey a sense of what it means to live in today’s world. I include these references in my work as much as possible. The consumerism and materialism rampant in society is difficult to avoid. The Pop Art stance on this is historic and something that I absorbed and express often in a language of my own.




           The layered quality of the post modern world in which we live intrigues and troubles me. This appears sometimes as a celebration of randomness and sometimes as a more definite statement about how we live. I include this in my work. I  explore and document the process of painting-the magical way that rivers of pigment flow together to form images, capturing areas and losing others. I am the painter, the artist and I manipulate and control this magic.




          My perspective of the world and life has been as an artist, a painter. What can I say in paint that has never been said before? Can I express my experience as a woman, a partner, a parent, a teacher, a friend in paint? How can I express my feelings about a person, an object, a scene, a moment in paint? Can I somehow make clear the many thoughts that I have about society or spirituality in paint? These are some of the questions that I have as an artist. My truth is to express the answers in the language of paint.